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NuWorld Amaranth partners with Love Africa

Love Africa

"Mercy Institute" would like to welcome you to the "Love Africa Project." Allow us to introduce ourselves; we are researchers, farmers, students, high-tech people, communicators, moms and dads and people serving in government. We are a coalition of people with a heart to bring healing to the African continent. Our focus is on the 26 countries of sub-Saharan Africa plagued by hiv/aids. "Mercy Institute" has developed a treatment for malnourished children and those with the infection and hiv/aids virus. We call it "Restorus." "Restorus" is a combination of several compounds with A.R.V. activity. Provided is a brief overview of what we call "Restorus Solutions." Restorus strengthens both the immune and cardiovascular systems and brings a life-extending/ improving impact. Restorus' unique compounds will deal with nutritional deficiencies, human malnutrition, disease prevention and toxicity, resulting in improving CD4 cell counts and overall health.

Restorus Solutions to Fight Malnutrition and HIV/AIDS

  • Amaranth: Strengthens cardio-vascular system and other vital organs (20 grams daily)
  • Wujisan: Blocks infectivity of HIV
  • Moringa Oleifera: Strengthens your immune system (see chart below)
  • Selenium: Helps nutrition deficiencies
  • Vitamin D. Helps build strong bones

How is Restorus Treatment for the HIV/AIDS Virus Unique?

  • Restorus is a combination of several compounds to fight the "virus."
  • Non-toxic
  • No significant side-effects
  • Restorus is an immune-based therapy seeking to stimulate the immune system and empower the health and lifestyle of individuals.
  • Promotes optimal health in less than optimal conditions
  • Sustainable. Both urban and rural communities will benefit. Introduce "Restorus" to countries throughout the world where there exists the possibility of sustainability. "Sustainabilility being defined as a country having both the will and the access to some of the herbal medicines found in "Restorus." The support role of the U.S. would change as the various entities (ex. The Ministry of Agrculture) takes over processing responsibilities. Production centers could be established in provinces and perhaps districts.
  • Strengthens farmers. Find ways to strengthen the arms of farmers in nations we hope to serve. Growing crops where there is a need domestically and internationally is all part of Africa's long term welfare. (Chia and Artemesia Anua are examples) These are crops not grown in America but in great demand.
  • Flexible. "Global Education Systems," the data processing system for "Mercy Institute," allows us to track data sent to us re: CD4 and viral load of those we seek to serve. We can make adjustments in the "Restorus formulization" as necessary.
  • The crisis in Africa can be greatly reduced with this simple plan. Each box will contain 60 baggies with 20-25 grams of the "Restorus Formula" to be used (for example) in a school lunch program. (It would likely be poured on top of a cereal.)

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