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C.I.A. Fact Book on HIV/AIDS Countries
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NuWorld Amaranth partners with Love Africa


American and African farmers, working together, can meet the challenge of HIV/AIDS, malaria and other deadly diseases. Love Africa" looks to the day when African farmers can be part of the solution and grow critcal healing crops which will lead to manufacturing treatments for HIV/AIDS, malaria and several lines of cancer. (through the development of "artemisinin." We believe we must strengthen the agriculture communities in countries at risk. This will result in long term solutions. Manufacturing facilities must be built to prepare treatments. The key word is "sustainability."

Americans can help "Love Africa™" because we have the financial resources to empower African farmers to do the job. American and African farmers can work together. They have the knowledge and to help identify harvesting sites, to determine the time of the year for harvesting, as well as to determine the proper selection and botanical identification of raw materials for the purpose of establishing herbal medicinal gardens and nurseries to promote conservation of medicinal plants. Once harvested, they can also lend their knowledge to help protect products from contaminants during transport and storage, in addition to providing the use of tools for mechanical processing. They can also provide expertise in assuring content care under the proper storage conditions, product shelf-life, as well as create an inventory system. Protocols for testing will be determined by American scientists for HIV/AIDS, malaria, and, ultimately, several forms of cancer.

We can greatly reduce the cost of "Restorus" by growing some of the crops (amaranth, olive leaf, moringa oleifera and artemisia annua) in Africa. This will provide the necessary sustainability for those with the "virus." As with standard "A.R.V.s" it is likely that treatment of "Restorus" will be for life. America's role, while significant, will change. We will continue to encapsulize "Chia," "Wujisan, "vitamin D" and "Selenium," but with African farmers growing crops we can cut the costs by perhaps 60% (about 12 cents a day to restore a child to health) Meanwhile, we strengthen the agriculture community in Africa and thank God for the opportunity to serve those precious to Him.

Get Involved

The United Nations predicts that currently fewer than five per cent of HIV positive children will ever get any treatment. As you discover "Restorus" is great for your health and the health of your family, you may wish to become part of our team to bring health to the children of the world who suffer from malnutrition, hiv/aids and other sicknesses.

We call our mission "Love Africa." It's all about "the golden rule." We believe the 72 million orphans of the world have a right to quality healthcare. There are other unalienable rights our Creator has given to us; among them are,

  1. The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
  2. The right to know they are valuable to God since they are created by God for friendship with Him.
  3. The right to be able to read and have a Bible in their own language to learn about Jesus.
  4. The right for reasonable security.
  5. The right to be cared for with love and kindness, with clean water, clothing and nourishing food.
  6. The right to develop their God-given gifts in order that they might serve the community.
  7. The right to learn about the uniqueness of the country in which they live.

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