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Mercy Institute is formerly Mercy Medical Mission International. Our focus has been in Eastern Europe and Russia. It was during these years that we realized the HIV/AIDS was to ultimately become a pandemic that would impact the nations of the world. Since 2004, our focus has been to develop a treatment to help sick children in the world.

The following list of projects summarize our activities since 1993:

Projects Mercy Institute has initiated

  • Provided garden seed for 1 million families in Bosnia.
  • Provided container of medical supplies for hospitals in Croatia.
  • Provided ultrasound equipment for Children of Chernobyl Clinic.
  • Provided container of medicine for prisoners in Belarus.
  • Provided 15 containers of medical supplies for hospitals in Perm, Russia (Urals).
  • Provided supplies and equipment for surgeons performing “tetralogy of fallot” (crossed eyes).
  • Provided six containers of clothing for families in the Perm Province and Krasnoyarsk Province.
  • Provided container of pharmaceuticals for children of Krasnoyarsk.
  • Provided 1.5 million dollars of medical assistance for Perm Cardiac Center (Open Heart Program).
  • Provided container of supplies for post-operative care for Perm Medical Academy.
  • Provided 111 Pediatric Wheelchairs for Orphans of Irkutsk, Russia.
  • Provided 22 dental chairs for orphanages of Irkutsk, Russia.
  • Provided 122 hearing aids for orphans of Perm and Irkutsk.
  • Provided small buses to orphanage in Angarsk and Chemova (Siberia).
  • Built new kitchen in large orphanage in Angarsk (Siberia).
  • Developed a “character education manual” (in Russian) called “Life’s Amazing Discoveries” for college teachers in Irkutsk.
  • Started an adoption program in Perm and in Irkutsk. Worked with Bethany Christian Services, Plan Loving Adoptions and E.C.F.A. by providing children for their families with over 200 children being placed for adoption (1995-2005).
  • Developed a video training seminar (13 hours) in Russian for students.
  • Trained heads of colleges in character education, bringing them to Kona, Hawaii to the University of the Nations for training.
  • Provided several hundred thousand dollars of vitamins for children of Central America.
  • Developed “Character for Life, An American Heritage” a 450 page manual for English speaking students.
  • Developing a treatment for HIV/AIDS consisting of at least five compounds.

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